What Is The Standard ASL Interpreter Salary or Hourly Pay Rate?

Like many other professions across the United States of America, there are a number of different, yet very relevant, factors that come into play when it comes to defining a standard ASL interpreter salary or hourly pay rate, none of which are absolutes.

Aside from the points outlined in this article it is important to note that circumstances, demand and/or reputation (along with a number of other factors) can increase or even decrease an individuals chances of receiving what might be considered an acceptable “Standard” rate.

This article will take into consideration 5 main factors, that typically influence Hourly and Salary rates for American Sign Language Interpreters.

These 5 main factors are …

  • Region
  • Education 
  • Certifications
  • Years of Experience/Background
  • Field
  • Job Position /Fulfillment Need


While certification and experience are obviously two of the most important variables that should be taken into consideration when defining the salary, wage or “the value” of a qualified ASL interpreter; one must remember that Region (Geographic Location) has a great impact too as factors such as a cities economy, interpreter availability and legal requirements come into play.

On a national level the average ASL interpreter salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $49,790 ($23.94) a year. Compare that to the regional averages found below.

The average ASL interpreter salary in Washington D.C and New Jersey : $74,660 ($35.90 hr.) to $92,360 ($44.40 hr.)

The average ASL interpreter salary in North Carolina : $29,710 ($14.36)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Wisconsin : $45,620 ($21.93)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Texas : $42,480 ($20.42)

The average ASL interpreter salary in California : $43,800 ($21.06)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Colorado : $58,570 ($28.16)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Utah : $42,260 ($2o.32)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Nebraska : $40,020 ($19.24)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Virginia : $87,830 ($42.23)

The average ASL interpreter salary in Oregon : $53,920 ($25.92)

Terps: Even though some cities/states pay more, other states have more opportunity. BLS.gov reports that Las Cruces, NM, Rochester, MN & Boulder, CO have the  highest concentration of jobs that are currently available within the field.

For the averages of all 50 states see the image below…


Educational factors that influence the ASL interpreting profession… (Program Certificate, AA, BA, MA)


There are many types of certification… (RID, NAD I – IIII, NIC, NIC Advanced, NIC Master, EIPA 1.0 – 5.0, State Certifications)

Years of Experience/Background

experience always important


(Courtroom, Business, Preforming Arts, Educational)

In the field of Sign Language interpreting the saying “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you” is not as accurate as “What you do know will help you earn more.” One’s background can sometimes play a major roll … science experience, court experience, theater experience…

 Job Position /Fulfillment Need

(full-time, part-time, salary, hourly, one-time free-lancer, long term free-lance contract)


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